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Computer Engineering Department : PO & PEO

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)
The graduates of Computer Engineering Department will be able to :-
Apply knowledge to core areas of Computer Engineering.
Communicate effectively, work collaboratively and exhibit high levels of professionalism and ethical responsibility.
Engage in successful careers in industry, academia and attain positions of importance.
Adapt to contemporary technologies, tools and methodologies to remain relevant to the frontier of Computer Engineering.
Program Outcomes (PO's)
The graduates of Computer Engineering will have :-
the ability to apply knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics and engineering principles to solve computational and information processing problems.
the ability to analyze problems and develop appropriate solutions.
the ability to design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components to understand the relationship between hardware and software systems.
the ability to investigate complex problems and provide solutions to them.
the ability to use current techniques, skills and tools necessary for computational and information sciences.
the ability to an5alyze the local and global impact of computational knowledge and practices on individuals, organizations and society.
the knowledge necessary to understand the impact of ubiquitous computation in a global, economic, environmental and societal context.
the ability to understand professional ethics and responsibilities in the information age.
the ability to work as an individual and in teams for a common goal.
the ability to express ideas through verbal and non-verbal communication.
the ability to demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of the engineering & management principles in practice as an individual and in a team to manage various types of projects.
the ability to recognize the need and an attitude for a lifelong learning.
Program Specific Objective
After graduation in B.E (Computer Engineering), the graduates will be able to :-
design and develop systems using concepts of Mathematics, Computer Engineering and other related disciplines to meet customers’ business objectives.
test and analyze the hardware/software systems for continuous quality improvement.