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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department : Laboratories

The Department is equipped with 7 labs, departmental computer centre, departmental library, seminar hall, classrooms with modern teaching aids and staff rooms.
1.Advance Communication LaboratoryThis lab contains the instruments such as Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, Dual scope oscilloscope, CRO, Control System Kits, CDMA GSM and TV trainer Kits, LCR-Q meter and different types of transducers. Practicals regarding instrumentation are performed here.
2.Telecommunication & networking LaboratoryThis lab contains Vector Network Analyser, Spectrum Analyzer, Microwave Bench, VSWR meter, Antenna Trainer kit, Optical Fibre Kits Dual trace CRO,Dual power supply, Function generators and digital multimeter. The practicals to study the characteristics of different components such as capacitors, resistors, etc. and different electrical networks are performed in this lab.
3.Communication LaboratoryThis lab contains Analog and Digital Communication Kits, DSO, Dual trace CRO, Power supply, Function generator, rectifier kit, UJT, SCR characteristics kit and different communication kits. The practicals of EDC and PCOM are performed here.
4.Electronics Design LaboratoryThis lab contains Power supply, DSO, CRO, VLSR based Digital communication Kits, various digital experimental kits such as analog to digital converter, 7 Segment Display Card (IC-07), microprocessor and microcontroller kits with interfacing kits. Practical’s based on digital designing, microprocessor and microcontroller are performed here.
5.Project/Simulation LaboratoryThis lab is specially dedicated for project and simulation software’s containing total 20 LENOVA COMPUTERS having multisim software(10 users), active HDL, MATLAB, TINA(10 users) software. All practicals depending on above mentioned software’s are performed here.
6.Software Laboratory 1This lab is specially used for simulation software workshop containing total 20 Thin Client COMPUTERS having multisim software (10 users), active HDL, Pspice10 Users, Xilinx 9.2, Matlab, Linux software, Microwind, proteus VSM. All practicals depending on above mentioned software’s are performed here.
7.Basic Electrical Engineering LaboratoryThis lab contains CRO, function generator, power supply, voltmeter, ammeter, multimeters, various network theorms kits, multimeters etc. Practicals depending on basics of electronics are performed here.
8.Software Laboratory 2This lab includes some of the important softwares for engineering aspects like MATLAB, DIPTRACE etc. MATLAB is a license version for 25 users. It is very commonly used software by all branches for simulation and designing also. It consists of 11 toolboxes including Simulink. It tests programming skills of the students. DIPTRACE software is used by students for layout making for any electronics circuit. It also has options of simulating any circuit. It is mostly used for all electronics projects.
Departmental Seminar HallWell equipped with audio/Video Facility, LCD Projector, OHP's, Multimedia PC, Internet/Intranet facility.
Well Equipped Class RoomsHealthy, Species, Good Light, Fan Arrangement with OHP Facility.