Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are internet-based courses, free of charge, that have incredibly large numbers of students. In a typical MOOC has specific start and end dates, a more-or-less defined topic of study, facilitator/s, and assessments.

Advantages and benefits of MOOCs
1. MOOCs bring people together from all over the world and encourage engagement between staff and students of a given university/ institution to interact with the wider public.

2. MOOCs keep the competitive edge. Offering diverse classes on different topics makes it easy for learners to keep up with the latest news and trends and be on top of their professional field.

3. Learning at your own pace, following your own schedule. Some of the courses have deadlines for tests and assessments, but they are easy to keep. Usually one have weeks to finish the quizzes and it is not seldom the case that learners the option to finish a course whenever they feel like it, whenever they have the time. In other words learning happens in a more informal setting, at a place of your convenience and often around your own schedule

4. Choose your language! A lot of MOOC classes are offered in different languages! It doesn’t matter if you speak English, Marathi, Urdu, Hindi, etc. Subtitles are available for hundreds of courses and they are just a click away.

5. Anyone can sign up for a MOOC class. You don’t need a degree or previous knowledge to follow a course, only the willingness to learn.

6. No distance constraints. You want to take free courses offered by universities from Germany, USA, China, and Austria? No problem! Just browse the offerings on the topics you are interested in!

7. Making classes more attractive and more meaningful. MOOCs course prepared using highly advanced IT infrastructure and technologies like, PPT, animations, sound effects, demos, etc.

8. Distributed learning. Participants help each other interpret the material, seek out different or related sources, and use social networking to share their interpretations. Through this distributed learning, participants gain a better understanding of the material and can get immediate feedback if questions arise.

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