Promotion of Gender Equity

7.1.1 Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the year
Gender Sensitization Action Plan
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i. Sensitizing staff in workplace to set the standard for respectful behavior at work.
ii. Sensitizing the new students within 6 months of admission by Counselor.
iii. Conducting Mentor – Mentee meetings for all the girl students monthly to ascertain healthy atmosphere.
iv. Ensure unbiased teaching & learning activities for all students.
v. Arrange training programs and workshops under WDC.

Safety and Security:

img img img img The institute is very keen regarding safety and security of the girl students and women faculties. The college has Internal Complaint Committee for continuous monitoring the safety and security on the campus. The complaints related to the violation of disciplines are reported to the concerned staff and placed before the Principal and the members of the discipline committee. The confidence building is done by organizing workshops and programs under Women Development Committee. The college campus is fully covered with sufficient light. The institute has Anti-Sexual Harassment committee to take necessary action on sensitive issues of the girl students which helps to ensure their vibrant presence. The entire campus is covered under CCTV cameras. The footage of the recording is often seen and necessary actions are taken, if any suspicious activity is observed. The internal complaint committee is set up to resolve the issues. The institute organizes lectures of eminent personalities to create legal awareness, health and hygiene among the students.


Women Development Cell of the college organizes all important activities associated with the counselling of the students. WDC Reports : 16-17  17-18  18-19  19-20  20-21
img Formal and informal counselling is done in the college. Staff members motivate the students to improve their overall personality by participating in various activities organized by the college. The college has Mentorship scheme, which recommends majority of the mentors to select a mentee especially from the disadvantaged and vulnerable category of the girl students. In the scheme the mentor follows the development of the mentee by providing personal counselling at the different stages. The personal problems of the girl students discussed with the committee members are kept confidential.

Girls Common Room:

img img The institution has provided separate common room for boys and girls. College has girls hostel for the accommodation of rural students. The common rooms have essential amenities. Staff quarters are available in college premises. The accommodation is available in the campus, staff visits the quarters if needed.

Day care center for young children:

img Staff quarters are available in college premises. As the accommodation is available in the campus, staff visits the quarters if needed. The playing garden is provided in near the accommodation.